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    Home ask submit random mobile RSS archive staff documentary replies dvd~concerts download All Music Videos all about Junsu all about Yoochun all about jaejoong all about Changmin all about Yunho things u should know theme fanfics rec list pics download dashboard DBSK custom best performances all discography Dramas download Music download Whenever you have a question or want some music, drama, MV/PV, musical recommendation or anything else involving our DBSK boys, you can contact us! You can also suggest guides and lists of recommendations.Thank you...«Yoochun says, he likes hugging Jaejoong because it’s like hugging a woman.(⊙﹏⊙✿)»©Jaejoong’s long hair era (Tri-angle) is forever relevant PRETTIER THAN ME, THAN YOU, THAN EVERYONE - He says he prefers to be called “handsome” than “pretty”, but come on… Don’t get me wrong, I like girly JJ x D (⌒_⌒;)He always dreamed of being a singer.

    Once, he ran away from home to go to the big city trying to be a singer, after two days wandering around town without sleep or eat, he was harbored by a old kind man who called his family while he slept~ He was super protected by his eight older sisters, that could beat someone who dared to do any harm to him.Before his audition, Jaejoong worked and practiced A LOT because he was tone deaf and would not be able to be a singer if he didn’t practice extensively.His friends mocked him for not being able to sing well and yet he worked hard his singing and joined a rock band, even though he had not much free time because he had to study and work (even though it was quite young, he lived alone and needed to be sustained by himself).You can tell he does not dominate his voice very well in the first part of the audio, but you need to remember that at that time (this is the audio of his audition) he had not had singing lessons and no one to guide him.

    Still, he does a good job due to his extensive practice and his dream of being a singer.Of course, working so hard to be a singer gave him all his skills (he’s basically able to sing in all genres by having a soft voice and have an amazing voice domain), but it is also obvious that he was born to sing.~~ he’s so talented he with piano and guitar ~ His appearance suggests coldness - according to Junsu, Yoochun, Yunho and Jaejoong himself (Changmin disagree), but actually Jaejoong is very affectionate and passionate.