Dating coleman coolers

Coleman makes quality coolers in a variety of sizes and styles. The company has a reputation for making reliable, sturdy coolers that sell for a decent price and last many years. When choosing a Coleman cooler, size should not be your only consideration. Look at the way the handles are designed, as some are easier to carry than others.

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    Outdoor coolers have the same adventurous spirit as those who carry them.They’re designed to be dropped, beaten, submerged and even attacked by wild animals, all while keeping their contents intact and cold for days.Whether you’re planning on taking one deep-sea fishing, big game hunting, paddling down some Class-5 rapids or simply going to a tailgate, one of these coolers is worthy of the adventure.

    There’s a reason why so many of the coolers created today are tougher, heavier and more expensive than the Igloo Playmate you may have carried around in years past.The update is primarily due to a manufacturing process called rotational molding, or more commonly, rotomolding.In rotomolding, a heated mold is filled with powdered plastic material.The mold rotates on two axes as it heats the plastic until it is completely melted and fills every cavity within the hollow mold.

    The constant rotation helps the plastic resin spread evenly and consistently throughout.The result is a single-piece plastic cast of the desired shape that’s free of any imperfections.Rotomolding contributes to all of the traits that represent the current level of quality in today’s coolers, most importantly rugged durability and superior ice retention. 20-, 30-, 40-quart — knowing what each size cooler can hold can be tricky.